Success Habits Academy


To make a transformational impact on ONE MILLION Entrepreneurs in India by 2031 and help them create real tangible results that they desire.

Vision Tracking as on 31 March 2018 - 2400 / 10,00,000 Entrepreneurs


We intend to Achieve our Vision 2031 by reaching out to Entrepreneurs via our Webinars, Seminars, Workshops, Mentoring Programs and Innovative Training Products.

We believe that if we can help Entrepreneurs Set Up their Dream Business, automatically, they will excel in all other areas of life. Their Finances, Relationships, Social Contributions, Health and Personal Development will become better!

Four Habits can make all the Difference in an Entrepreneurs Life! Masterminding, Accountability, Actions and Rewards. These are our four keys and the secret formula for Success.

Join us in our Mission!

The Success Habit of Masterminding

1. It is about continuously being in a learning environment.
2. Learning the same thing again and again and again… 
3. Being with a group of people who are learning and teaching the same thing again and again and sharing their experiences. 
4. Asking Questions to the right People. 
5. Allowing the learnings to sink in and re-organise you from within. 
6. Learning from whatever source available. 

The Success Habit of Accountability

1. It is about having one or more persons ask you questions about the things that you have committed you would do.
2. It is also about assigning a really passionate accountability partner, 
3. It is about declaring to the world what you want and how are you going to achieve it and when and what are the actions you are willing to take for it. 

The Success Habit of Taking Actions

1. It is about remembering that you have always been an action taker since your childhood.
2. It is about High Intention and Low Attachment.
3. Action will always come from unwavering belief in yourself which will ultimately come from loving yourself.
4. It is also about remembering that the Law of Attraction Works!

5. Making sure that you are following the habits of Masterminding and Accountability 

The Success Habit of Rewarding

1. It is all about giving your monkey mind a banana so your true self can help you take action and keep your word.

2. The moment you choose an action, you decide on a reward.
3. The reward is to be immediately given to yourself. The moment the action is complete. No Delay!
4. Slowly, you will automatically start searching for bigger actions and bigger rewards.

5. You decide on the reward and its size. Just make your monkey mad behind it. 

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